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COVID-19 & Flu Season

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

What we CAN do to defend against and limit spread

At Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts we take your health and ours seriously therefore we have looked at the policies and best practices out there to prevent and limit spread not only of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) but also in general for the upcoming flu season.

As students we ask you to...

  1. Please either wash your hands with soap or use the sanitiser provided when you enter the studio to train and also when you go to leave.

  2. An obvious one, but necessary to remind people especially the kids. Wash hands after going to the bathroom.

  3. It has been recommended to refrain from shaking hands. This would be a shame, I am not going to in-force this but do make sure you are washing hands before eating or touching face after contact with others.

  4. If you sweating on the mats and equipment please wipe it off with the disinfectant spray provided.

  5. If you feel unwell or have flu like symptoms please refrain from coming to the class.

As a martial arts training facility we will...

  1. Wipe down equipment with disinfectant regularly.

  2. Sweep and mop the mats with disinfectant cleaners.

  3. Wipe down bathroom areas with disinfectant regularly.

  4. Follow the advise of health officials.

For new and existing students concerned about coming to the studio to train...

  1. If you are limiting your public exposure then consider doing personal training online. Call, or text me 0438 406 861 otherwise email me to enquire about training in from your own home. I am experienced with training students online, it is a lot easier and more effective than people expect.

  2. If in the unlikely event group classes at the studio have to cancelled, then we will look at providing online training option for groups. But we will deal that if the situation requires it.

Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts is about teaching self defence, this is just another situation where we need to evaluate and adapt so as to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Remember, keep the NEWS and fear in perspective. As my Doctor told me just today: "CPOVID-19 is just another flu virus and it isn't that much worse than the average flu virus."

So, keep clean, keep training, and use common sense.

Definitely NOT recommended to rush out and buy 50 rolls of toilet paper!


Shifu Darrin

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