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personal training with Shifu Darrin at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts

Personal Training

For Martial Arts

Self Defence, Fitness & Wellbeing

Maximise results from your training sessions, schedule training to suit your needs, and get 100% attention from your Shifu instructor. These are some of the reasons why students choose to do personal trainingWhilst training in groups provides the social aspect and camaraderie, training alongside others doesn't always provide the outcome the student is looking for.

Specialist/Doctor Referrals
We recommend new students referred by Doctors, Clinical Therapists and Physiotherapists attend Personal Training sessions over group classes. Group classes are general in nature and may not provide the focused attention, 
customised program and therapeutic benefits achieved in personal and private sessions.

Accelerated and Targeted Training

Many students attending group classes complement their training with Personal Training to prepare for grading, work on specific goals like increasing strength and flexibility, or accelerate rehabilitation.

Private Groups

We also provide private group training for families or students who want to train together. Groups range from 2 people up to 6 maximum. This provides flexibility to train at a time more convenient for the group and receive the full attention and customised program for the group.

Curriculum Content

Learn from the incredible range of Shaolin Martial Arts curriculum of un-armed and weapon forms. Taichi and Qi Gong breathing.

  • Work on strength, fitness, conditioning, and flexibility.

  • Increase resistance to and relief from stress and anxiety.

  • Improve balance, stability and focus. 

  • Personal protection and self-defence training

Prices start from $110 per hour for personal training one-on-one or from $140 for a private group. 

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