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Shifu Darrin leading Tai Chi workshop for seniors

Workshops & EVENTS for BUSINESSES, Schools & Non-Profits

Are you looking for an event, workshop, program or activity for your conference, business, school or group that's different? An experience that is fun, interactive, engaging and also beneficial for participants? 

Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts and Shifu Darrin provide one of events, workshops and programs for businesses, corporate, school, community, seniors and non-profit groups.  Such as St Josephs High School, UOW, Carers ACT, Big Fat Smile, Edgewell, and Kookaburra Kids.


St Josephs High School

Shaolin Warrior client St Josephs High School
Shaolin Warrior corporate client Edgewell Personal Care Products

Edgewell Personal Care

Shaolin Warrior client Carers ACT retreat
Shaolin Warrior charity client Kookaburra Kids Foundation

Carers ACT

Kookaburra Kids Foundation

SET Programs

We have set programs ready to deliver for one of events, conferences and experiences in-person and online. There are longer multi-session programs over multiple days or works. These programs include:

  • Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

  • Self-defence for woman, men or teens.

  • Tai Chi Quan

  • Shaolin Weapons experiential workshop.

  • Qi Gong active meditation for deep relaxation and focus.

  • Everyday stress management through breathwork. 

  • First responder & high conflict stress management program.

  • Mindfulness, guided meditation and breath for wellbeing. 

Programs are accompanied with online resources and videos if required especially for multi-session programs where students will build upon previous sessions .

Or, if you are looking for something different, please contact me to discuss a tailored program for your business or group​.

Tailored Programs

Contact us to discuss the goals of your event or program and based upon your goals, audience, ability, budget, schedule and we will design and program appropriate and within the capability of the group or audience. 

Client Case Studies

Here are a few case studies of the programs and outcomes from our client ranging in age ability and goals of the group. 

Carers ACT

For the multiple Carers ACT events we have provided 1-1.5 hour instruction workshop sessions involving gentle joint mobility, stretching, warm up. Then  a program of Qi Gong breath work exercises and active meditation routinues for release of stress and anxiety. Then we practiced simple Tai Chi movements. All of this can easily be taken home and applied in their daily lives.

Shifu Darrin from Shaolin Warrior has facilitated sessions for our Carers that are over 65yrs at our retreats. He delivers a professional program that provides our carers with the opportunity of learning the techniques within their level of fitness.


The feedback from the carers is always high, they had never tried this type of technique before and will continue to bring the breathing exercise into there Daily life.


Carers ACT will continue to invite Shifu Darrin to our retreats as we have seen the positive impact Shidfu Darrin and his traditional martial arts fitness brings to this over 65yrs group.


Groups Respite Facilitator

Carers ACT

Senior Carers participants in a Tai Chi Qi Gong workshop

Kookaburra Kids Foundation

For the Mental Health Support group in Unanderra, Shifu Darrin ran a workshop for the attendees on using breath exercises to improve focus and reduce anxiety that many of them were dealing with. The breathing practices taught reduce the high levels stress hormones and increase the those associated with calm, feeling happy and connected.

What participants enjoyed and valued from the session:

“Breathwork, kung fu demonstration, and weapons sequence" - Maddy 


“Taste of different things from breathing, to weapons. Great attitude by the presenting team.” - Brian


“QiGong and weapon session. Fun and educational” - QiMeng


“Learning to use weapons, instructors were good and clear, good demonstration” - Louise


“Breathwork and demonstration, great program and instructors." - Jordynn

St Josephs High School, Albion Park

St Josephs High School Albion Park had Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts run a Martial Arts program over several terms that included fitness, flexibility, learning a traditional Shaolin Kung Fu form. How to apply Shaolin Kung Fu in self defence and also learning choreographed weapon routines, a big favourite of the students. 

Shifu Darrin Bird has been involved with Year 8 Martial arts for sport and also Year 9 Martial arts and self defence at Saint Joseph's Catholic High School. During his time with our school he has been very professional in his dealings with our students and teaching staff. He has supplied an excellent program for our students which has engaged students resulting in a high level of participation. Not only are the Students having fun but they are learning valuable life skills in protection and safety.


Darrin brings with him 3 to 4 trained Martial Arts helpers to our classes who are friendly and knowledgeable and this has aided the program to run smoothly.The class sizes range from 55 students to 28 students and Darrin has adjusted his program to suit the numbers before him at any time. Students ages range for 14 to 16 years.


Darrin is always willing to listen to advice and make changes to his program to suit the individual needs of our students.We intend keeping our association with Darrin and his company into the future.

Brian Hetherington
Sports Coordinator

St Josephs High School students learning self defence with Shifu Darrin
St Josephs High School Students learning weapon choreography with Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts

Unanderra Mental Health Support

For the Mental Health Support group in Unanderra, Shifu Darrin ran a workshop for the attendees on using breath exercises to improve focus and reduce anxiety that many of them were dealing with. The breathing practices taught reduce the high levels stress hormones and increase the those associated with calm, feeling happy and connected.

Edgewell Personal Care

For the heads of the sales divisions at Edgewell Personal Care Products, we provided a stress management breathing program that is easy to follow and they could easily practice during the day, with only a few minutes, or with greater relief in the evening to help sleep. The stress of running a high pressured team can build up stress that if not managed will cause chronic health issues later. Learning how to manage stress through breathing can reduce sick days, and decrease employee turnover.

Edgewell Product Managers learning Qi Gong during sales conference

UOW Pulse - University of Wollongong

For UOW Pulse we provided a Kung Fu and Tai Chi demonstrations along with getting the crowd to participate in a short Tai Chi workshop.

Discovery Space - University of Wollongong

For UOW Discovery Space hired us to provide a Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration.

Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration at UOW Discovery Space
Shaolin bo staff weapon demonstration at UOW Discovery Space

Contact us to discuss a program for your group event, workshop, or conference.


Martial arts demonstration and workshop for UOW Pulse

St Therese Primary School

Big Fat Smile

UOW Pulse & Early Learning

Elonera Montessori School

St Therese Primary School Fete demonstration
Martial Arts experience for Big Fat Smile vacation program
Shaolin Kung Fu workshop for Montessori School

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