Yang style Tai Chi taught by Shifu Darrin at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts



Tai Chi CHuan (Taijiquan) 

We teach the traditional Shaolin form of Tai Chi Chuan. A combination of slow precise martial art movements that incorporate the principles of yin and yang for balance of hard and soft.

Tai Chi forearm strike from Yang Tai Chi course
Tai Chi throat strike from Yang Tai Chi course
Yang Tai Chi vertical knife-hand strike and hook
Tai Chi double palm push from Yang Tai Chi course

Tai Chi is proven to improve health, circulation and balance it also promotes good energy (chi) flow and inner harmony.

Qi Gong (Chi Gung)

Qi Gong is the ancient practice of breathing work (energy "chi" work) that has been used for health and wellbeing of the monks fro over 1500 years. Qi Gong can be used for calming the body, mind and meditation. Alternatively, it is used for energising the body in preparation for conflict situations without the side effects of narrow-minding and poor decision-making that come from the "fight or flight" response.

Learn Qi Gong active mediatation breathing practices

It is an amazing self-defence tool whether defending a physical assault or handling a hostile board room.  We teach both Yin and Yang applications of Qi Gong.

Yang = The "hard" version energises and condenses muscles (used in iron-shirt training)

Yin = The "soft" version calming breathing used for relief from stress and managing anxiety., 

No prior martial arts experience is necessary!


Kung Fu Student Testimonial - Selene

"Shifu works with you individually even in group classes and also explains the real world application of the techniques so it makes sense."

- Selene 

Personal training student testimonial - Nilo

"I've been training with Shifu Darrin for some time. He provides holistic martial arts training. Since I've started Shaolin I have seen an improvement in my physical endurance and mental resilience." - Nilo

Ready to start Tai Chi & Qi Gong?

First thing you need to do, take action now book your first session: either personal training 1-1 session with Shifu Darrin or sign-up to join the 10-Week Stage 1 Beginners Course.


Course Details
Starts: 31st March or 7th April 2022.

Time: 6:30 PM (1 hour)

Duration: 10-11 Weeks.

Cost: $350 or 3x monthly payments of $125 per/month


  • 1 bonus class in case of absence/sickness/COVID isolation

  • Access to App with training video recordings

Class Size: Maximum 8 Students​

By the end of the first stage, 11 weeks, you will learn:

  1. Qi Gong breathing for health and stress management.

  2. Ba Duane Jin - Qi Gong active meditation movement set.

  3. Tai Chi basic movements and drills for balance and coordination.

  4. The first third of Yang Tai Chi form (depending on the groups' pace of learning).

  5. Basic stretching and joint mobilisation movements.

  6. Core strength exercises and warm up exercises to improve your Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

No uniform required, just be ready to train hard and have fun.


If you have any pre-existing injuries or underlying medical conditions, please check with your Doctor and also discuss with Shifu Darrin (in confidence) prior to coming to training.  

Find out more about us, lineage, Tai Chi and more.

To find out more about Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts and Shifu Darrin go to our About page. And to see how lineage is important to us and the preservation of traditional Shaolin Martial Arts go to our Lineage page.

See our current class timetable or for personal training options please call Shifu Darrin 0438 406 861 to discuss options and times.

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