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Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts

We are a traditional Chinese martial arts school teaching martial arts handed down from one of the oldest sources of organised martial arts in the world, the Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng County, Henan Province, China.

Since 550 AD martial arts has been an integral part of the Shaolin Monks' daily practice not only for protecting the temple against attack, self-defence of the monks while travelling, but also for their fitness, wellbeing, and for meditative practices. Mind, body and spirit!


At Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts you learn Shaolin Kung Fu (Wu-Yi) a vast syllabus of unarmed combat and self-defence techniques. We teach Tai Chi for mindfulness and application in self-defence. Also, ancient Qi Gong breathing practices for wellness, meditation and conditioning. Advanced students practice traditional Chinese weapons including swords, bo staff, metal whips, Kwan dao, monk’s spade and more. 
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The school is led by Shifu Darrin (Yong Ling-Dao), a 33rd generation Shaolin disciple. Shifu Darrin has been practising Shaolin Martial Arts since 2010. Never stop learning! About our lineage.


Though we do not train at the Shaolin Temple we are dedicated to maintaining the standards of training, fitness, conditioning, principles, precepts, and to passing these on to our students, disciples. You!


We mostly train adults due to the intensity of our training. Most children and teenagers are not up to this rigour. We do have a class per age group though; 5-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs, and 13-18yrs. 

Adults either do personal martial arts training one-on-one, private groups with Shifu Darrin, or within training squads of up to 6 people. And some families train privately too.
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Personal and private training is available most mornings and afternoons. Squad and group training in the evenings and Saturday mornings. 
See our training timetable for more info.


Our air-conditioned martial arts studio is conveniently located at the upper end of Crown Street in West Wollongong at 497 Crown St. There is parking available around the back of the building. 


Amituofo !
Shifu Darrin (Yong Ling-Dao) Bird


Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts (pinyin script)

“A victory over yourself is worth a thousand

victories over a thousand enemies.”

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