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  • Where is the Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts Studio?
    The Studio is located at Shop 1, 497 Crown St. Wollongong. Next door to Bangkok Balcony Restaurant. (up near Wollongong West public school and St Therese Primary School, and TIGS)
  • Is there parking available?
    Yes, there is off street parking around the back of the Studio. If this is full then there is parking on the Crown St (except during clear zone time) and also on the side street opposite the studio.
  • Do you have Air Conditioning?
    Yes, the studio is air conditioned and we also have fans for the really hot training sessions.
  • How do I contact Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts?
    Please call Shifu Darrin 0438 406 861 or email
  • What type of Kung Fu is it?
    We teach the ancient martial arts of the Shaolin Monks that was formed over 1500 years ago near Denfeng, China. Shaolin Kung Fu uses a combination of hard or external blocks and attacks using fists, fingers, hands, feet, kicks and other parts of the body, also joint locks, throws and grappling.
  • Do you do alot of acrobatics?
    We do more grounded version of Shaolin Kung Fu that is the basis of the fighting monks. Tumbling, flips, "flying" and acrobatics is more for demonstations and shows.
  • Can you learn Kung Fu when you are over 30, 40, 50 or even 60 yrs old?"
    Yes, you can still learn Shaolin Kung Fu and become very proficient. You may have a history of old injuries, inflexibility or stiffness. In most cases we can adapt the program to your capability. As an example Shifu Darrin is in his 50's and still learning, training hard and performing Shaolin Kung Fu.
  • What style of Tai Chi do you teach?
    We teach several styles or lineages of Tai Chi. The first form taught to students is a form of Yang Tai Chi Quan it has 46 positions.
  • How fit do I need to be to start Kung Fu training?
    There is no prerequisite of fitness or felxibility required to start training. Just the willingness to push yourself during the training to get the most out out it. As your training progresses over the weeks fitness, strenght, stamina and flexibility will rapidly improve building and building to reach your potential.
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