Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts mission is to pass on teachings and tradition of Shaolin Kung Fu and preserve the Shaolin Temple lineage from Grand Master Shi Su Xi, 30th Generation Shaolin Monk.


  • 30th Generation - Grand Master Shi Su Xi

  • 31st Generation - Great Master Shi De Fon

  • 32nd Generation - Master Shi Xing Wu (Shifu Brett)

  • 33rd Generation - Disciple Shi Yong Lingdao (Shifu Darrin)

Under discipleship from Master Shifu Brett Russell of Shaolin Monk Martial Arts, Shifu Darrin will guide students on their personal discovery physcially, mentally and internal energy (Chi).


We aim to develop individuals inner strength, stillness, happiness and health through the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and Chan.

Amituofo !

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