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Kids learning Shaolin Kung Fu with Shifu Darrin
Teens learning Shaolin Kung Fu with Shifu Darrin

Martial Arts - Kung Fu

Teen & Kids Squad Training

Shaolin Squad training focuses on teaching the Shaolin syllabus including Shaolin forms, combinations and applications of Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and at advanced level we teach weapon forms.

Students are invited to grade once they have attained the required levels of physical, conditioning, mental and internal development.

9-12 yrs kids class group with Shifu Darrin
5-8 yrs kids kung fu class

Along with learning practical self-defence, Shaolin Kung Fu also helps to improve individual's agilityflexibilityfitnessstrength, conditioning and mindfulness.

Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts is an approved Active Kids Provider. Register on the NSW Sports website to get your $100 voucher and bring it along to apply to your child's training fees.

TEEN SQUADS >12 YRS          $280/term

Enrol your teen now for the next school term.

KIDS SQUADS 7 - 12 YRS       $190/term

Enrol your child now for the next school term.

Call for availability and organise a try-out session.

Call today 0438 406 861
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