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Shaolin MARTIAL ARTS training

personal Training, groupS & Online Options

Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts is suitable for everyone, any age, ability, or gender. 
No prior experience is necessary.  

There are different disciplines we teach, traditional Shaolin Kung Fu curriculum, modern Sanda Chinese Kickboxing, there is Yang and Chen Tai Chi (Taijiquan) lineages, and also Yin and Yang versions of Qi Gong (life force energy or breath work). 


Choose from group classes (squads), personal training, and online training options. Training will include the appropriate technique, application, strength, fitness and flexibility needed for the discipline and level you are training. 

Learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts
Learn Sanda Kickboxing at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts | Wollongong
Learn Shaolin Kung Fu
Join a group class of Shaolin Kung Fu

Online training is available for people unable to attend the studio for training due to risk of Covid-19, distance, work, or other reasons.


We are following Covid-19 Safe business practice guidelines, personal distancing,  hygiene, cleaning, class size limits, and limiting cross-sharing of equipment where possible.

What Type of Training Do you Want? 

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