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Shaolin Kung Fu students learning and training at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts in Wollongong NSW

Shaolin Kung Fu
Martial Arts Training


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Do you want to learn a martial art for effective self-defence?

When you learn Kung Fu at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts, you will become confident and effective in protecting yourself and your loved ones. Develop your martial techniques while building strength, power, speed and conditioning. 

Shaolin Kung Fu is fitness for the body, mind & spirit... 
Your wellbeing! 

During your Shaolin Martial Arts journey, you will improve mental focus, confidence, presence and ability to take on mental and physical challenges you wouldn't think yourself capable of.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a mixed martial art that has evolved over 1500 years of testing in battles, fights and self-defence.

The Shaolin Monks for 1500 years have learned and applied kung fu for self-defence and wellbeing. The Shaolin developed many of their own highly effective fighting techniques, and also learned and added systems from some of the most formidable warriors in China over the centuries.

Shifu Darrin Bird's Shaolin training lineage started as an external Disciple of Grandmaster Shifu Brett Russell (a Disciple of Shi DeFon). And now Shifu Darrin continues his training under Grandmaster Shi DeRu, a Disciple of the venerable Great Master Shi SuXi .

Shi DeRu (left) with Shi DeYang (Head Instructor at the Shaolin Temple )

Shi DeRu (left) of Shaolin Institute with Shi DeYang (Head Instructor at the Shaolin Temple)

Shi DeFon, 7 Duan Wei and Disciple of Shi SuXi

Shi DeFon, Grandmaster and Disciple of Shi SuXi

Shi DeYang (left) with Grandmaster Shifu Brett Russell, 4 Duan Wei

Shi DeYang (left) with Grandmaster Shifu Brett Russell

The Shaolin Kung Fu style of martial arts is known for its vast variety of powerful unarmed (empty hand) techniques including: blocks, strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, grappling, and throws that flow together in their forms. 

The Shaolin are also known for the many weapon skills and systems from the humble bo-staff (wooden long stick), traditional straight swords, to lesser known weapons such as the Kwan dao, monk spade, chain whips and many more.

What to expect from Shaolin Training

Students progress through levels and tested on their ability through grading at each level. Along the way students master un-armed forms, weapon forms, defence and sparring, and also more complex and advanced forms and their application.


Students improve in fitness, strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Each level builds on the previous skills and capability learnt.

Training Options at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts

We specialise in martial arts "one-on-one" personal, private group training and small training squads or groups. One-on-one training is advised for accelerated training of advanced students, professional martial-artists black belt or above, semi/pro-fighters, and personal trainers. 

For students starting out and or who want the social aspect of training together, we have squads made up of up to 8 students in each. Adult group classes may also include teens.


Family groups of mixed ages are welcome to train in private family groups. 


    Start Your Training Now with 2 Free Classes Included
    Valid for one month

Shaolin training is more than a self-defence system, it is a way of life, for wellness and longevity. A defence against stress and anxiety whilst promoting inner peace and mindfulness. 


Kung Fu Student Testimonial - Selene

"Shifu works with you individually even in group classes and also explains the real world application of the techniques so it makes sense."

- Selene 

Personal training Student Testimonial - Nilo

"I've been training with Shifu Darrin for some time. He provides holistic martial arts training. Since I've started Shaolin I have seen an improvement in my physical endurance and mental resilience." - Nilo

Ready to start Shaolin Kung Fu?

Awesome! First thing you need to do, take action now book a session today:

Too soon, got some questions? Then call me on 0438 406 861,  Email.

No uniform required, just be ready to train hard and have fun.

If you have any pre-existing injuries or underlying medical conditions, please check with your Doctor and also discuss with Shifu Darrin (in confidence) prior to coming to training.  

Call today!  0438 406 861

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