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Luke Donovan - testimonial

"I have been looking for a traditional form of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu for a long time and was happy when I found Shifu Darrin. Since starting I have not been disappointed as every lesson is tailored and unique and I learn new techniques and drills in every class. Darrin concentrates on not only physical fitness but also mental wellbeing through Qi gong.

Shifu Darrin's attention to detail is fantastic as he can pinpoint and fix weaknesses both in fitness and technique.

Since starting I have noticed my fitness and entire body strength increase. Darrin knew exactly what areas of my body to target to strengthen.

I have found Kung Fu to be fantastic as a mental and physical output and have noticed my co-ordination and balance improve. I highly recommend anyone interested in getting fit whilst learning a new skill should try Shifu Darrin’s class you won’t be disappointed."

Luke Donovan, 5th Nov 2016

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