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Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts



Kung Fu

Shifu Darrin at Shaolin Warrior Martial demonstrating Da Dao sword
Shifu Darrin at Shaolin Warrior Martial demonstrating move from Tiger Claw form



Shifu Darrin at Shaolin Warrior Martial demonstrating move from Drunken Master (Monk) sword

Personal Training, Group Classes, and Workshops

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Learn Shaolin Kung Fu in Group Classes at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts
Learn Tai Chi at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts with Shifu Darrin
Learn Sanda Kickboxing at Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts
Hire Shaolin Warrior for Tai Chi and Qi Gong workshops and events

Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts is the only Wollongong and Illawarra Shaolin Martial Arts training facility.  Lead by Shifu Darrin Bird, Shaolin disciple Yong Ling Dao. We have an enviable lineage of masters going back 33 generations. And a history of Martial Arts dating over 1500 years.


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Shaolin Martial Arts is for anyone, from 8 years to 88+. No previous experience required. There are there is something for all abilities. We have kids kung fu classes for kids from 8-12 years. For adults and teens there are group kung fu classes or personal training.  The Tai Chi and Qi Gong group classes suit those looking to de-stress and manage anxiety. They are great methods of mindfulness, active meditation and are less physically demanding and impact on the body.

You will learn the martial arts of Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), along with the traditional fitness, conditioning, and agility of Shaolin Monks. Develop skills that can be applied in practical self-defence in the real world. And learn meditation and breathing techniques to improve focus and mindfulness.

Personal Training & Group Classes

What Students are Saying

"I've been training with Shifu Darrin for some time. He provides holistic martial arts training. Since I've started Shaolin I have seen an improvement in my physical endurance and mental resilience." - Nilo

Shaolin Kung Fu Testimonial - Nilo

"Shifu Darrin's classes are fun, intense workouts and follow traditional Shaolin martial arts techniques. Since starting classes with him I have seen an increase in my fitness and flexibility." - Jarrod

Shaolin Kung Fu Testimonial - Jarrod

"Shifu works with you individually even in group classes and also explains the real world application of the techniques so it makes sense."

- Selene 

Shaolin Kung Fu Testimonial - Selene

Training options at Shaolin Warrior Martial Art's studio on Crown St, Wollongong are personal training, private group training, group classes and online training. New students are welcome to join training; from beginner to martial arts practitioner, defence force to police, emergency personnel and NDIS participants. 


We also provide workshops and events for business, corporates, conferences, school programs, seniors, and community groups.

To find out more click one of the Training links.

Call today!  0438 406 861

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